Z Pick-up Tool Set

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  • A handy kit of three different retriever sticks. Locate and pick up magnetic and non-magnetic objects from confined and out of reach places. All coated in rust resistant zinc. Bonus: Saves you up to 35% compared to buying each tool separately.
  • The long retractable inspection stick with foldable 2 inch mirror gives you 360° visual access to spots you would otherwise not see. Inspect engines, see under furniture, down drains, in vents or the bottoms of your feet with its 22 ½ inch reach.
  • The 36 inch long flex spring grabber tool will reach down drains, sinks, toilets, vents, engines, or underneath furniture, and grab onto objects with its mighty 4-finger retractable claw that's controlled with a press-and-release handle. The claw is non magnetic.
  • The telescopic wand has a ⅝ inch wide heavy duty magnetic head and can be extended to up to 32in long. The non-slip rubber handle makes it easy to retrieve lost or fallen nails, nuts, bolts, screws, pins, washers, keys, staples, spark plugs, or objects up to 8lb.
  • NoCry stands behind every item we make. If there's an issue with any of your NoCry pick-up tools, we'll make it right by sending you a hassle free replacement, or full refund.