Scraper Tool - Non-Scratch Plastic

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  • Scrigit Wide Blade Scraper Tool - this handy, pocket-sized plastic scraper tool is now available with a wider flat edge to quickly and safely remove stickers, labels, and clean larger flat surfaces. The pointed tips are better than a toothpick for cleaning tight corners, edges, and grooves
  • 2-Way Non-Scratch Super Scraper - safe to use on most surfaces and does what other tools can’t! This small scraper tool has a unique rounded edge (like a sturdy fingernail) on one end and a wider flat edge with two tips on the other that won't scratch like a metal blade
  • Save Your Nails - with so many uses, let this crevice cleaning tool do the work and save your manicure. This essential scraper tool will become one of your favorite cleaning gadgets. Use it as a food scraper, sticker remover, kitchen scraper, car scraper, paint scraper, lottery ticket scratcher tool, and more
  • Easy to Hold, Carry, & Store - save valuable time by keeping this 6.25-inch-long pen-shaped super scraper tool handy in your kitchen, bathrooms, workshop, garage, toolbox, office, car, boat, RV, motorcycle, purse, and pocket. Made in the USA of BPA-free plastic that is also dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for Tight Spaces & Crevices - the ultimate surface scraper to easily remove small amounts of unwanted substances such as dried food, candle wax, soap, paint, putty, labels/stickers, grime, and scale from flat or curved household and automotive surfaces